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drug trafficking and selling prescription drugs in Indiana or Ohio

Drug Crimes




Both Indiana's and Ohio's drug trafficking laws - including selling prescription medications - are stringent. For example, on July 1, 2018, Indiana enacted House Bill 1359 which holds those accused of drug dealing accountable if the recipient of the drugs dies from those drugs. Click here for further information. 

Generally speaking, if you're facing drug charges in Indiana, you will most likely be looking at multiple charges. A frequent example is to be charged for possession of each kind of drug allegedly possessed. So, if you were allegedly in possession of cocaine, marijuana and prescription opiates, you would be charged for each type of drug possessed. The amount (weight) of the drugs in question will affect the severity of the charges. Click here for further info. In addition, if the drugs are considered to be a controlled substance, you will probably be charged separately for that. Should any delivery system apparatus be confiscated (like a pipe or needles), you will face  paraphrenalia charges. Depending upon the quantity of the drugs confiscated, additional charges like dealing/trafficking or distributing could be added. Click here for more info. If you are operating a motor vehicle when arrested, you could also face DUI/OVI charges. It is not uncommon for a drug arrest to amount to several felony charges. If this is what you are facing, contacting and hiring a lawyer as soon as possible is vital to your case. 

Matt will fight for you to reduce or dismiss alleged charges. In the event that a trial is necessary, Matt will take will take the steps necessary along the way to prove your innocence or reduce your risk of incarceration. 

Matt has experience with drug cases including the alleged sale of illicit drugs and trafficking in prescription drugs.  Prescription drugs are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. That makes prescription drugs different than drugs that are “cooked” at home or in a shack. Whatever your situation might be, Matt will defend you aggressively. 

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