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Matthew W. Chapel, ESQ

Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer

(260) 387-6236

Providing aggressive and common sense representation for criminal defense.

Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana.

Northwest Ohio.



Trial Lawyer

Matt Chapel is a Top-Rated Trial Lawyer based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  He is a National Institute for Trial Advocacy Master Advocate and studied under Gerry Spence.  Practicing criminal defense in both Indiana and Ohio, Matt brings 23 years of experience to every case.

More About Matt

Matt serves these counties in Indiana & Ohio:

Northeast Indiana

Albion, Angola, Bluffton, Columbia City ,Decatur, Fort Wayne , Goshen, Hartford City, Huntington,

LaGrange, Marion, Noblesville ,Peru, Plymouth, Portland, South Bend, Wabash, Warsaw

Northwest Ohio

Bellefontaine, Bryan, Celina, Defiance, Greenville, Lima, Napoleon, Ottawa, Paulding,

Sidney, St. Mary's, Toledo, Van Wert, Wapokoneta, Wauseon

Upon being charged with a criminal offense ­— or if you think you might be facing charges­—

your first call should be to Matt to provide you with quality representation and legal advice.

Your freedom and future are at stake. Don't wait. Call Matt at (260) 387-6236

Criminal Defense & Litigation

Matt is no stranger to the Courthouse. If you have been charged with a crime, he will provide an aggressive, commonsense defense on your behalf. Age is no factor. He defends children who face juvenile charges as well. Unlike other criminal defense attorneys, Matt is an experienced trial lawyer. He won't settle for a plea bargain if it bests serves your defense to take your case to trial.

Whether you are facing DUI charges, drug charges, assault & battery, domestic or sex crime charges, Matt will work relentlessly to defend you. Matt also has extensive experience defending clients who have violated probation. For a no-cost consultation and valuable representation in Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio, contact Matt.

Call (260) 387-6236. Your freedom and livelihood depend upon it.

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Probation Violation or Warrant out for your arrest? Don't hide.

 Call Matt. 

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Probation violation or warrant out for your arrest? Don't hide - Call Matt (260) 387-6236

Matt is dedicated, knowledgeable, and unique. He brings his experience as a United States Marine to your case. You'll leave your consultation knowing he cares enough to spend time getting to know you and your circumstances.  He fights hard and doesn't give up.

Once a Marine, Always a Marine.  

Criminal Law Practice

Arrested in Indiana or Ohio? 

Call (260) 387-6236

If you are charged with a crime - 

or even if you just think you might be charged -

the attorney you choose can be the most important decision you make.

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