Beyond satisfied with the quality work of Matt Chapel. Very attentive, thorough, and straight to the point… all with good character. He simply gets the job done! Will always recommend him and will not hesitate to call him again if need be. He did a Fantastic job and He never stopped fighting to get me a great deal. His office was very responsive to my questions and went above and beyond with helping me. A Great Guy to work with and Highly Recommend him to family, friends and anyone else. – B.B

We hired Matt to represent our son in an alleged armed robbery case in the small town of Pierceton. We decided to go outside our county for a lawyer because we felt like he would be better represented by someone who was not influenced by this county’s court system. Through Matt’s countless hours and diligence, he was able to uncover a lot of corruption and lies. They were hell bent on pinning a conviction on anyone at any cost, regardless, if they did it or not. Matt was able to show that the police manufactured evidence to support their case. Matt was also able to show that the police had concealed evidence on at least two occasions, that when uncovered was beneficial to my son. Matt also discovered the fact that the FBI had threatened my son with up to 27 years in Federal prison and that the State had threatened him with in excess of 10 years in Indiana State Prison. Matt spent 2 ½ years on this case, he was relentless to uncover the truth and, in the end, he was able to convince the prosecuting attorney that the investigation and charges pointed to an innocent man! Matt kept an open line of communication with us at all times. It’s evident that he loves what he does and is so very good at it. We are extremely thankful that we hired Matt, otherwise I have no doubt my son would be in prison today! It’s scary to think of those innocent people in jail without a good lawyer. In the end, we were very pleased with his performance. He was able to get the case dismissed without prejudice. We would highly recommend Matt; he is determined to fight and get results! – D.M

Matt is an amazing attorney and great guy to work with. I have known Matt for many years and wouldn’t think of working with any other attorney. He has helped our family during challenging times with cases both in Indiana and Ohio. He makes himself available after hours and weekends and treats clients like family. He is very knowledgeable, experienced, and works very hard for the best possible outcome. Thank you, Matt, for all your help and advice. – E.T

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