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 Ways to Pay:

Bring cash, a money order, or a cashier's check to the officePersonal checks must be pre-approved and cannot be postdated. Please call ahead to let us  know you're coming. We might be in court or otherwise


(260) 387-6236

 110 W. Berry Street, Suite 1901

Fort Wayne, IN 46802

We welcome your debit or credit card, but be advised that a 6.65% transaction fee will be assessed per transaction. 

If you follow the instructions below to create a Google Pay account, you will not be charged any fees by either Google nor by us. You can make a payment to [email protected]

(See more information below.)

No need to get a money order or certified check. Make a Payment using Google Pay to avoid debit/credit card processing fees. Setting up Google Pay to make a payment is easy. The benefit of paying in this way is that there is no additional fee to process your payment when you use your debit card or checking account. (The debit card must be linked to a bank account).. To make a payment using Google Pay, first you need a Google account.  Here is a help page to set up your gmail account.  Once you have your Google gmail account set up, then you're ready to set up your Google Pay Account. Click here to set up a Google Pay Account. 

In case you have difficulty, here's a 35-second YouTube video that explains how to connect a debit card to your Google Pay account: https://youtu.be/PQqLPuf3vGsOnce you are ready to make a payment, send it to Matt through Google Pay to [email protected] You will receive an email confirming that your payment was made. This serves as your receipt. If you need an additional invoice or statement, contact the office.