Comprehensive Local Counsel Services

Based in Fort Wayne, IN

Even though the global economy has almost non-existent borders, the legal systems are still tied to their local regions. Working with seasoned law firms that specialize in local counsel services is now more crucial than ever.  Finding the right local counsel is also necessary as they can navigate clients through complex disputes with their invaluable insights on the court as well as their relationships with other counsel associations and law firms. 


What Can You Benefit From a Local Counsel Firm?

A local counsel association essentially has professional knowledge and experience in the laws, court customs, and practice culture in the area. Their need and expertise aren’t just limited to court proceedings; their first-hand knowledge of the local judges and court staff can be necessary for complex disputes wherein a client faces penalties and actions initiated by local and state law agencies. 

Indiana’s Top-Rated Local Counsel Professionals

If you’re currently facing a case or legal dispute in Indiana but your attorney doesn’t practice in the area, we’re here to help. We offer local counsel services to law firms that don’t have offices in the area and work with them in cases wherein we have particular expertise that benefit the client they’re representing. We also specialize in litigating a wide range of business matters and disputes in local and federal courts throughout the state. Our experience has earned us vital insights into the standards, customs, and practices of courts throughout the region. 

We Also Specialize in Outside Litigation Counsel 

As a locally-trusted law firm based in Fort Wayne, Matthew W. Chapel, Trial Lawyer and his legal team have served some of the country’s largest corporations as outside litigation counsel. We work with in-house corporate counsel from different businesses to minimize transactional costs in each legal matter. We operate with an efficient overhead structure and view our work with different in-house attorneys as solid collaborative relationships aiming for success defined by our clients.

We’re Just a Call Away

Call our legal services team for solid local counsel representation and other services. We have years of experience in the local counsel and outside litigation counsel roles. Other lawyers and law firms can count on our legal and litigation services while keeping attorney-client relationships in mind. You can reach us at (260) 387-6236 to know more about our local counsel services or fill out our convenient online form to schedule a consultation.